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The history of the Stembel family in America is not much different than thousands of other Palatinate German families who immigrated to this country during the mid-18th century and took up residence in Pennsylvania. Because this is not an unusual story, in many ways it is representative of how those Germans integrated themselves into the fabric of this nation-in-progress.

The Stembel Family History Project attempts to record every descendent of Johan Friederich Stembel who moved his family from their home in the Palatinate (now part of Germany) to Pennsylvania in 1738. This is an impossible task, of course, but here I have concentrated on the earliest generations because they coincide with the early history of our country.

This history is organized into 15 chapters corresponding to major branches of the family. It generally extends through seven generations of the Stembel family (most children born to family members today are 11th or 12th generation Stembel descendants).

Please note: a family history never ends. Thus, this website will always be under construction. If you have any questions, information about family members, or spot errors, please contact the author. (Author's address is listed at the bottom). Thank you for visiting.

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    1. Johan Friederich Stembel ( ? - 1749) New Hanover, PA [immigrant]

      2. Frederick Stembel (1748 - 1840) Frederick, MD [1st generation]

        3. Ann Catherine Stembel Grove Michael (1774 - 1838) Harmony, MD [2nd generation]

        4. Henry Stembel (1776 - 1829) Middletown, MD - Dayton, OH [2nd generation]

          5. Roger Nelson Stembel (1810 - 1900) U.S. Navy [3rd generation]

        6. Frederick Stembel, Jr. (1779 - 1868) Middletown, MD - Xenia, OH [2nd generation]

        7. Elizabeth Stembel Levy (1783 - 1837) Middletown, MD [2nd generation]

        8. John Stembel (1787 - 1861) Middletown, MD - West Liberty, OH [2nd generation]

          9. Theophilus Stembel (1813 - 1902) Oxford, IN [3rd generation]

          10. Oliver Frederick Stembel (1825 - 1887) West Liberty, OH - Johnson CO, MO [3rd generation]

          11. Joseph Van Swearingen Stembel (1828 - 1920) West Liberty, OH [3rd generation]

            12. George Oren Stembel (1853 - 1914) Champaign CO, OH - Wheatfield, IN [4th generation]

            13. Albert Frederick Stemble (1864 - 1916) Champaign CO, OH [4th generation]

            14. Addie Elizabeth Stembel Brubaker (1871 - 1954) Champaign CO, OH [4th generation]

        15. Mary Margaret Stembel Hoffman (c.1791 - ?) Middletown, MD - Warren County, IN [2nd generation]

Stembel Research Questions

STEMBEL KNOLL (Pacific Ocean - 28°N/135°W)

Stembel Knoll is an ocean bottom feature located roughly halfway between Los Angeles and Hawaii. The ocean bottom in that area is about 2400 fathoms (14,400 ft) deep. The knoll rises to about 800 fathoms (2,400 ft), then drops abruptly, making it similar to a 12,000 foot mountain on the ocean floor. The knoll was discovered by the crew of the USS Stembel (see Chapter 5 - Roger Nelson Stembel for more about the USS Stembel) around 1957.

The author worked as a nautical cartographer for NOAA, the agency that maps the oceans, and I noticed the feature one day when I was revising NOAA chart 530, the source of the chart image above.

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